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To have a great idea, have a lot of them.


Since I was young, I lived a lot of changes in my live: homes, schools, sports... Most people doesn´t like this kind of live, but I love it! I met a lot of people and discovered a lot of cultures.

When I was 24 I discovered Additive Manufacturing at the University. This discovery open a new world in front of my eyes. I always be a "life-entrepreneur" but, additive manufacturing makes me a "business-entrepreneur. At the age of 25 I founded my first company about additive manufacturing with three more partners. At the age of 27 it was closed.

This experience, far from make me fall, made me stronger. I continued my education in the areas of web programming and after two years of study and storing ideas, I started working at Freehouse as entrepreneur and some months later I was one of the six founders of Coontigo.

Nowadays I am the CEO of Blunder, a knowledge transfer system for companies based on a mobile app and one of the most succesful companies of Coontigo Group. Other hand I am responsible of the Manufacturing area of Coontigo and house manager at Frehouse Alma (Villaviciosa - Spain).


"Learning how to learn is life's most important skill."


Web Programming

Knowledge Transfer

Additive Manufacturing


Company Builder


"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something."

CIFP La Laboral - Asturias Spain

Web apps development vocational training - Graduated: 2014

For two years, I was working on different aspects of web application development: frontend, interfaces, backend, databases, servers, etc. To do this I used technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Java, Servlets, etc.

Oviedo University - Asturias Spain

Technical Mechanical Engineering - Graduated: Pending

During my training as an engineer, I studied and learned to use 3D modeling techniques, industrial design, manufacturing methods and technologies, production organization, eco-design, etc. It was in this stage when I discovered the additive manufacturing.


"Experience is the teacher of all things."

Additions Additive Solutions

CEO & Founder / Asturias, ES / 2011 - Current

3D Modelling, product redesign, additive manufacturing prototyping (3D printing), low-volume series production with 3D printed masters and Vacuum Casting. Additive manufacturing materials consultancy. Marketing campaigns. Providers and customers account management.

Blunder Solutions

CEO & Founder / Asturias, ES / October 2014 - July 2016

Blunder is the first [un]knowledge management system, based on a mobile app that allows the transfer of knowledge to enterprises in a funny way. It provides a report of the state of knowledge of the company in real time. As CEO I work in team management, finance, sales, investment, etc.

Blunder Solutions

CSO & Founder / Asturias, ES / July 2016 - Current

As Blunder grows, I need to be focused on the things I do the best and delegate other things that I am still growing in. So, since July 2016 I am focused and in charge of the Sales, Customer Services and Events areas.


Some awards and milestones achieved


Do not hesitate to contact me, I love people

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Las Mazas, 64 (Freehouse)
Oviedo - Asturias (Spain)
Freehouse (GMaps)

(0034) 666 479 206

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